About Us

Where data becomes a universal language of insight.

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Our Vision

Imagine a world where data does more than exist.
Where it actively empowers communities, drives innovation, and fosters inclusive growth.
Where data becomes a universal language of insight, bringing together knowledge and actionable insights.

Our Core Values

Data with Purpose, Power, and People


Luminance is built on a foundation of empathy, driving us to innovate with purpose. Our work is about more than data—it's about using innovation to make a positive change in the world, ensuring every narrative we craft serves to empower and enlighten.

Inclusive Empowerment

At the heart of our mission lies the belief in the power of inclusivity. We strive to make data a universal language that brings insight to all, democratizing information for diverse communities and supporting inclusive growth across every sector we touch.

Impactful Insight

We bridge the gap between data and action, transforming complex datasets into clear narratives. Our goal is to equip decision-makers at every level with the insights they need to drive impactful outcomes, fostering informed communities and shaping a brighter, data-informed future.

Luminance’s Mission

To transform complex data sets into clear, actionable insights that empower organizations and communities. Luminance accelerates the adoption of data-driven strategies in public and private sectors, tackling critical challenges in education, workforce development, and environmental sustainability.

Our Initiatives In Action

Building Bridges to Innovation and Impact

At Luminance, we create powerful connections between technology, data, and people. We provide the tools, insights, and strategic frameworks that help our partners achieve outstanding outcomes. Based in Longmont, Colorado, our roots in both urban and rural communities enrich our perspective, enabling us to tailor solutions that respect and leverage local nuances.

Our Initiatives In Action

Climate Workforce Analytics Platform

Equipping states with the tools to prepare for future environmental and economic resilience through targeted workforce development.

Dynamic Educational Pathways

Enhancing educational systems with data-driven insights that align learning with future job markets, supporting both students and educators.

Creating a Sustainable Ecosystem

Quality, sustainability, and community are at the core of what we do. Luminance is committed to strengthening these pillars by integrating diverse stakeholder views into a cohesive strategy that addresses today’s challenges and anticipates tomorrow’s needs.

Connect With Us

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